AO-51 в эфире!

30 июля 2004 15:23
Источник: Николай |

Включен в работу для радиолюбителей АО-51(ЭХО). Вот выдержка из первоисточника
ECHO Opens for Users 30 July 2004 UTC
AO-51 (AMSAT-Echo) will be turned on for general use in FM repeat mode on
30 July 2004 at about 0215 UTC. This will be for a trial period of about
three weeks during which the command stations will be watching the power
budget and adjusting the UHF transmitter B power as needed for good
management of the battery. Initially, the transmitter will be running at
about 1W. If power allows, it will be slowly increased during the trial
To work Echo in this mode you need the following information:
Uplink: 145.920 MHz FM voice with 67 Hz PL.
Downlink: 435.300 MHz FM voice.
The downlink transmitter will come on when it hears an uplink signal with a
67 Hz PL tone for about 1 second. It stays on for 10 seconds after that
signal goes away.
73! Николай UR6EM

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