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Ethernet AUI to AUI

This cable can be used to connect to network interface cards (with AUI connector) together, without use of transcievers.

 (To network interface card 1)
 (To network interface card 2)

15 PIN D-SUB MALE to network interface card 1.
15 PIN D-SUB MALE to network interface card 2.

Name AUI1 AUI2 Name TxD A 3 5 RxD A RxD A 5 3 TxD A TxD B 10 12 RxD B RxD B 12 10 TxD B

And make the following jumper at each end:

Name Pin Vc 6 Collision Detect B 9 Contributor: Renй Guzmбn Source: Usenet posting by Andrew J V Yeomans

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