Yaesu интерфейс FIF-232.

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YAESU интерфейс FIF-232.

Интерфейс предназначен для преобразования напряжений TTL-уровней к уровням RS-232 и наоборот. Устройство обеспечивает полную гальваническую развязку между компьютером и трансивером.


The FIF-232C is a TTL-to-RS-232C level adapter which allows external control of Yaesu CAT System transceivers and receivers by a personal computer. The FIF-232C converts between the 0/+5 volts at the CAT jack of the radio and the +15/-15 volts used by IEEE-standard RS-232C serial ports commonly used on PCs. An opto-isolator in each data line of the FIF-232C enhances immunity to noise.

Software is not supplied with the FIF-232C/ but programming information is provided in the CAT System chapters of the radios' operating manuals.

This kit contains the following:


Yaesu Part Number

FIF-232C Interface Unit


Radio-to-FIF Control Cables

T9204640 (w/standard 6-pin DIN plug) for FT-980, -747GX, -767GX, -736, -990, -1000, FRG-8800 FRG-9600


T9101357A (w/mini-DIN plug) for FT-757GXH FT-890

Spare Fuse (0.5 A)



Before connecting the FIF-232C/ make sure the power switches on the radio and the computer are both off. Do not connect the AC power cord of the FIF-232C to the wall outlet until after all connections have been made.

Connect the appropriate supplied-connection cable between the radio and the FIF-232C/ and connect your RS-232C cable between the FIF-232C and your computer. The RS-232C cable for connection to the computer is not supplied with this kit, and must be obtained separately (see your computer dealer).

After all connections have been made, switch on the radio first, followed by the computer, and finally connect the FIF-232C to the wall outlet and switch it on. Your external control program may now be loaded into the computer.

Polarity Selection and External AGC/PTT Connections

The FIF-232C is set at the factory to provide output signals in the opposite polarity from the input signals. Should your computer require that the interface output and input signals be the same polarity, you can reconfigure the FJF-232C by a small internal slide switch on the pc board. When this switch is set to position 1 (nearest the power transformaer), polarity is inverted. Simply move this switch to position 2 to set the input and output polarities the same.

The CAT System uses only the TXD and RXD lines of the RS-232C bus for data transfer. However, the small jack on the side of the FIF-232C provides access to the AGC and PTT signal lines of some radios, for external A/D conversion of the receiver AGC/ and transmitter control. Most radios have A/D conversion and CAT PTT control built in and accessible through CAT commands so these lines are not needed for all models.

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