ISS Space Station - NA1SS вызывает Россию!

30 января 2006 10:12
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Американский астронавт Билл МакАртур (позывной на ISS - NA1SS), работающий сейчас сейчас на МКC, через радиолюбительское сообщество обращается к радиолюбителям Российской Федерации с предложением об установлении голосовой связи на диапазоне 145МГц.
73! Юрий UA9OBA

Dear Russian Amateurs,

NA1SS is often voice active on hamradio
The most intresting times is at the ISS crews eating, and -
presleep times!
At these times NA1SS operate often in voice on hamradio.

On this link you can see ISS crew's work and sleep times:

Region 1 = Europe * Middle East * Africa * North-Asia
RXdownlink: 145.800Mhz (FM).
TXuplink: 145.200Mhz (FM).
NA1SS VOICE FREQUENCY! (region 2 3).
North and South America * Caribbean * Greenland
South Asia * Australia * New Zealand * Oceania
RXdownlink: 145.800Mhz (FM).
TXuplink: 144.490Mhz (FM).
ISS WORLD WIDE APRS/packet (1200 baud) frequency:
RXdownlink: 145.800Mhz (FM).
TXuplink: 145.990Mhz (FM).
ISS APRS digipeater callsign: RS0ISS-3
ISS packet callsign: RS0ISS-11 (for bbs).
Here you can see voice reports from stations all over the world.
On these links you can see the ISS position:

Be sure your computer time is accurate!!!
If you want to see pass predictions for the future you need trackings

73's Cor PD0RKC


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