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Радиостанция "Yaesu FT-817"

Yaesu FT-817 - радиолюбительский всеволновый трансивер.

The recently announced Yaesu FT-817 is a fully self-contained, battery-powered, low power amateur MF/HF/VHF/UHF transceiver for portable/camping/mountain top use. Providing coverage of of the 160-10 meter amateur bands plus the 6 M, 2M and 70 cm bands, the FT-817 includes operation on the SSB, CW, AM, FM and digital modes.

This radio is designed for use either from an external DC source or internal batteries and provides up to 5 watts of power output when on external DC power. When using the optional FNB-72 NiCd Battery pack or 8 AA cells (not supplied), the radio automatically switches to 2.5 watts. The multi-function LCD screen includes selectable blue or amber backlighting which may be disabled for battery conservation.

This radio comes with: MH-31A8J Hand mic, FNA-28 Battery case (8 x AA), YHA-63 Whip antenna for 50/144/430 MHz, E-DC-6 DC cable and shoulder strap.


  • Product Concept: Fully Self-Contained Battery-Powered Low Power Amateur Transceiver for Portable/Camping/Mountain top Use.
  • TX Frequency Coverage: 160 - 10 Meters, 50 MHz, 144 MHz, 430-450 MHz, plus Alaska Emergency Channel (5167.5 kHz).
  • RX Frequency Coverage: 100 kHz -30 MHz, 50- 54 MHz; 76- 154 MHz; 430 - 450 MHz. (Exact frequency range may be slightly different)
  • Power Output: 5 Watts SSB/CW/FM with 13.8V External DC; 1.5W AM Carrier. 2.5 Watts SSB/CW/FM with 9.6V Ni-Cd Pack or 8 “AA” batteries (AM: 0.7 W); Up to 5 W SSB/CW/FM power (max.) programmable via Menu on Ni-Cd/AA cells.
  • Operating Modes: USB, LSB, CW, AM, FM, W-FM, Digital (AFSK), Packet (1200/9600 FM).
  • OperatingTemperature: 14° F to 140° F (-10...+60°C)
  • Digital Modes: RTTY, PSK31-U, PSK31-L, and User defined USB/LSB (SSTV, Pactor, etc.).
  • Case Size: 5.31 x 1.5 x 6.5 inches (WHD)
  • Weight: 2.6 lb (with Alkalines Antenna, w/o Mic.).
  • Current Consumption: Transmit 2A, Receive 450 mA, Squelched 250 mA.
  • Two-Color LCD Multi-function Display (Blue/Amber).
  • Bar-Graph Metering of Power Output, ALC, SWR, Modulation.
  • Optional Narrow CW and SSB Filters.
  • AGC Fast-Slow-Auto-Off Selection.
  • RF Gain/Squelch Control.
  • Built-in Noise Blanker.
  • IPO (Intercept Point Optimization) and ATT (Receiver Front End Attenuator).
  • Dual VFOs, Split Capability, IF Shift, and R.I.T. (“Clarifier”).
  • Wide/Narrow FM Selection.
  • AM Aircraft Reception.
  • Dedicated SSB-based Digital Mode for PSK31 on USB/LSB, AFSK RTTY, etc.
  • Built-in CW Electronic Keyer and Semi-Break-In (down to 10 ms delay) Capability.
  • Adjustable CW Pitch; CW Paddle Normal/Reverse Connection Selection.
  • Built-in VOX.
  • Automatic Repeater Shift.
  • Built-in CTCSS and DCS.
  • ARTS™ (Auto-Range Transponder System).
  • Smart Search™ Automatic Memory Loading System.
  • Spectrum Scope.
  • Front and Rear Panel Antenna Connectors (BNC on Front; M [SO-239] on Back).
  • 200 Regular Memories, plus Home Channels and Band-Limit (PMS) Memories.
  • Alpha-Numeric Labeling of Memory Channels.
  • Automatic Power-Off (APO) and Tx Time-Out Timer (TOT) Features.
  • Rear Panel Data, Accessory, and Key jacks.
  • CAT System Computer Control Capability (4800/9600/38400 bps); Cloning Capability.


  • CT-39A Packet cable.
  • CT-62 CAT Computer interface cable.
  • EDC-6 DC Cable (as supplied).
  • FNB-72 NiCad Battery Pack 9.6 VDC 1000 mAH.
  • MH-36E8J DTMF Hand mic.
  • NC-72B NiCad charger.
  • TCXO-9 High stability option (± 0.5 PPM).
  • YF-122C Collins 500 Hz CW filter.
  • YF-122S Collins 2.3 kHz SSB filter
[08.01.2001] Информацию предоставил: Сергей Л.Чучанов (UR3IRS)

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