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MH-462 GMRS Radio
  • Full 2 watt Output Transmit Power for up to 5 Mile Range
  • 15 Easily Selectable Channels
  • Super Ni-MH Rechargeable, large capacity (1200 ma) battery pack included
  • CTCSS Tone Squelch System with 47 Codes to Avoid Interference
  • Large Back-lit Liquid Crystal Display for Easy Viewing
  • Dual Channel Watch, Memory and Battery Strength Meter
  • Signal Strength Meter, Keypad Lock and Vibrating Call Alert
  • Compatible with all FR-465 Accessories
  • FCC License is Required

GENERAL Channel FM  15CHS Frequency 462.550 to 462.725MHz Frequency Generation By Means of PLL Synthesizer FREQUENCY STABILITY Ўѕ5PPM Operating Temperature -20ЎЙ  to +60ЎЙ Power Source DC 7.2V Modulation F3E Impedance 50ohm Dimensions 58(W) * 143.5(H) * 26.5(D)mm Weight 136 Without Battery Battery Case AA 6Cells Nickel-Metal Hydride Battery
RECEIVER SECTION Circuit Type Dual Conversion Superheterodyne IF Frequency 1ЎЇst IF : 21.4MHz / 2ЎЇnd IF : 455kHz Sensitivity 0.22uV for 12dB SINAD Selectivity 50 dB Spurious Image Rejection 30dB Inter Modulation Distortion 40dB S/N Ratio(With CCITT) 40dB Stand By Current 45mA Without Save Mode Audio Output @10% THD 450 mW min 16 ohm
TRANSMITTER SECTION Power Output(@7.2V) 2W Modulation Ўѕ5kHz Spurious Response Rejection 60 dB min S/N Ratio(With CCITT) 40 dB Current Drain Less than 750mA





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