DX-77T Specifications

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DX-77T Specifications
GENERAL Receiver Coverage 500 KHz - 30 MHz Transmit Coverage 160m 1.800 - 1.9999 MHz
80m 3.500 - 3.9999 MHz
40m 7.000 - 7.2999 MHz
30m 10.100 - 10.1499 MHz
20m 14.000 - 14.3499 MHz
17m 18.068 - 18.1679 MHz
15m 21.000 - 21.4499 MHz
12m 24.890 - 24.9899 MHz
10m 28.000- 29.6999 MHz Operating Modes J3E (USB/LSB), Al A (CW), A3E (AM), F3E (FM) Operating Temperature Range +14'F ~ +140F or -10C ~ +60C Frequency Stability ±10ppm Antenna Impedance 50 ohms unbalanced Power Requirement 13.8 VDC ± 15% Memory Channels 100, each capable of split memories and operating mode Current Drain @ 13.8VDC TX: approx 20 amps, max, high power setting
RX: approx.8 amps squelched; approx I amp @ max audio Dimensions (H, W, D) 246 mm x 94 mm x 228 mm Weight 8.38 lbs or 3.8 kg TRANSMITTER Output Power SSB, CW, FM: 100W Hi, 10W low
AM: 40W Hi, 4W low Modulation System SSB - Balanced
AM - Low Level Modulation
FM- Variable Reactance Sideband Suppression More than 50 dB (@ 1 KHz) Spurious Emission Less than -45 dB (10 MHz)
Less than -50 dB (1.8 MHz - 30 MHz)
Carrier Suppression More than 40 dB CTCSS Encoder 50 Tones - switchable via front panel Electronic Keyer Variable 6 ~ 50 WPM
(DX77T:Electric Keyer , variable 6 to 50WPM EJ33U installed. DX-77EQ: OPTIONAL) Microphone Impedance 2K Ohms RECEIVER Receiver System Dual-Conversion Superheterodyne
Triple Conversion Superheterodyne (FM) Sensitivity SSB, CW, FM: (0.5~1.8MHz) 0 dbuV (1uV)
(1.8~30MHz) -12dbuV (0.25uV)
AM: (1KHz, 30% modulation) (0.5~1.8MHz) +20dbuV (10uV)
(1.8~30MHz) +6dbuV (2uV)
FM: -6dbuV (0.5uV) @ 12db SINAD
Selectivity SSB, CW, AM-Narrow: 2.7 KHz/-6 dB, 4.7 KHz /-60 dB
AM-Wide, FM: 8 KHz/-6 dB, 30 KHz/-50 dB Intermediate Frequencies 1 st IF: 71.75 MHz
2nd IF: 8.875 MHz
3rd IF: 455 KHz Spurious and image rejection ratio More than 70dB Audio Output More than 2Watts @8 ohms, 1 0% THD RIT Range ± 1.0 KHzs


Compact Design
100 Memorie
Two VFOs
Computer control via optional ERW-4 cable and software
Direct Digital Synthesis: eliminates the need for SSB narrow filter
Easy Split Operation Mode
Multi-Function Control
CW Narrow Filters

Noise Blanker
Speech Processor
CTCSS for 10 meter reapters
Electronics Keyer, variable 6~50 WPM

(DX77T:Electric Keyer , variable 6 to 50WPM EJ33U installed. DX-77EQ: OPTIONAL)
Full, Semi or Auto Break-In CW
All Mode Squelch
General Coverage Receiver
Quick Offset
Two Scan Modes
RIT (Receiver Incremental Tuning)
High/Low Power setting control
Selectable AGC
RF Gain control (RX)
Dial Lock
Automatic Antenna Tuner Interface
Industry Standard Power Input Plug
MARS/CAP capability (permits required
Optional Accessories EDX-1 Manual Antenna Tuner EDX-2 Automatic Antenna Tuner EDS-5 Microphone Extension Cord 5 ft. ERW-4 Programing Cable Interface (software sold separately) EMS-14 Desktop Microphone DM-340MVT 1~15VDC regulated power supply (120VAC input)

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