DJ-X10T Specifications

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100KHz ~ 2000MHz ALL-MODE Communications Receiver GENERAL Frequency Coverage: 100KHz ~ 2000MHz (less cellular band on US version)
Reveiver System: Triple Conversion Super-hterodyne
Channel Step: 50Hz, 100Hz, 1KHz, 2KHz, 5KHz, 6.25KHz, 9KHz, 10KHz, 12.5KHz, 15KHz, 20KHz, 25KHz, 30KHz, 50KHz, 100KHz, 125KHz, 150KHz, 200KHz, 250KHz, 500KHz, or Auto Steps Memory Channels: 1200 Channels (40 channels X 30 banks) Antenna Impedance: 50 Ohms unbalanced Frequency Stability: Better than 10ppm (-10 ~ + 50 degrees C.) Sensitivity: 0.1 ~ 0.5MHz / AM: 10uV (20dBu)

0.5 ~ 5MHz / AM: 1.5uV (3.5dBu), SSB/CW: 0.5uV (-6dBu)

5 ~ 30MHz / AM: 1uV (0dBu), SSB/CW: 0.25uV (-12dBu), NFM: 0.35uV (-9dBu)

30 ~ 1000MHz / AM: 1uV (0dBu), SSB/CW: 0.5uV (-6dBu), NFM: 0.5uV (-6dBu), WFM: 1.5uV (3.5dBu)

1000 ~ 1300MHz / SSB/CW: 1.5uV (3.5dBu), NFM: 1.5uV (3.5dBu)

1300 ~ 2000MHz / SSB/CW: 10uV (20dBu), NFM: 10uV (20dBu)

AM/SSB/CW: 10dB S/N. NFM/WFM: 12dB SINAD Selectivity: SSB/CW: -6dB/4KHz or better
AM/NFM: -6dB 15KHz or better
WFM: -6dB 150KHz or better I.F.: (1st) 736.25/275.45MHz
(2nd) 45.05MHz
(3rd) 455KHz/10.7MHz (WFM) Power Supply Requirements: 4.8 ~ 13.8v DC Current Consumption @ 13.8v DC: At normal AF output: 200mA, squelched: 140mA, squelched with battery saver ON: 30mA Operating Temperature: -10 ~ +60 degrees C, 14 ~ 140 degrees F< /TD> Dimensions (with EBP-37N without projections) : 57(W) x 150(H) x 27.5(D) mm 2-1/4"(W) x 6"(H) x 1-1/16"(D) inches Weight: approx. 320g

Specifications subject to change without notice or obligation

Large, Illuminated display
User selectable or automatic mode and resolution settings
User selectable English or Japanese operating system
Dual VFO's
1200 EEPROM based non-volatile memories
40 segment "channel scope" spectrum display
Selectable 20dB attinuator
Internal clock
Help message menu system
Beginner/expert modes
3 line Alpha-numeric tag with text-edit
Multiple s-meter display modes
User selectable or automatic band plan
Automatic memory write capability
Multiple scanning modes
Scans 25 channels a second
Battery save function
Auto power on/off capabilty
Cable cloning function
DC jack for external power source.
Monitor key
PC programable and controlable in real time
Software will be available in most formats

Download the BRUCE POPE's
unregistered DOS programing software for the

For Windows 9x software please contact RT Systems
for more information on how to purchase this software.

Accessories: EBP-33N 4.8vDC 650mAH small Ni-Cad battery EBP-37N 4.8vDC 700mAH standard size Ni-Cad battery EBP-34N 4.8v DC 1200mAH long life Ni-Cad battery EDH-16 Dry-cell battery case (AA x 4) EDC-8B Mobile cigarette lighter adapter with active noise filter EDC-37 External DC supply cable EDC-60 120v AC rapid charger EDC-61 220v AC rapid charger EDC-63 120v AC wall charger EDC-64 220v AC wall charger EME-6 Earphone ESC-28 Softcase for use with EBP-33N ESC-29 Softcase for use with EBP-37N ESC-30 Softcase for use with EBP-34N / 35N / 36N EBC-6 Mobile bracket EME-6 Earphone

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