DJ-280T Specifications

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222.000 ~ 224.995MHz Hand-Held Transceiver GENERAL Frequency Coverage MHz (RX) 220.000 ~ 224.995 MHz
(TX) 222.000 ~ 224.995 MHz Channel Spacing 5, 10, 12.5, 15, 20, 25KHz steps Memory Channels 10 channels standard, expandable to 50 or 200 Antenna Impedance BNC connector
50 Ohms Unbalance Frequency Stability +/-10 ppm Microphone Input Impedance 2K Ohms Nominal Signal Type F3E (NFM) Power Supply Requirements 6.0 ~ 13.8 VDC Operating Tempature -10 to +60 Degrees Celsius 14 to 140 Degrees Fahrenheit Ground Negative Dimensions 5.2in X 2.2in X 1.3in Weight Approx. 12.35 oz Sub Audible Tones Encoder / Decoder Installed (38Tones)
67 ~ 250.3 Hz TRANSMITTER Output Power High: 4 watts (12VDC input)
Low: 1 watt (7.2VDC input) Emission Mode F3E (NFM) Modulation System Variable Reactance FM Max. Freq. Deviation +/- 5KHz Spurious Emission -60dB Or Under Below Carrier Level Microphone Electret Condenser Operating Mode Simplex/Semi Duplex 5KHz Steps Minimum Between 0-15.995MHz CTCSS Encoder / Decoder Built-In And Included As Standard RECEIVER Receiver System Super Heterodyne Dual Conversion Sensitivity 12dB SINAD : Less Than -10dBu
( 220.000 ~ 224.995 MHz ) Squelch Sensitivity Less Than -10dBu Intermediate Frequency 1st IF: 30.850 MHz; 2nd IF: 455 KHz Selectivity More Than +/- 7.5KHz at -6dB Audio Output More Than 250mW @ 10% THD Speaker Impedance 8 Ohms

*All specifications and features are subjected without notice or obligation.
*Specifications are guaranteed for the amateur band only.
*Permits required for MARS/CAP use.

DJ-280T ACCESSORIES EBP-24N 7.2VDC 1200mAH NiCad EBP-26N 7.2VDC 700mAH NiCad EBP-28N 12VDC 700mAH NiCad EDH-11 Dry cell case (6 AA cell) EDH-12 12VDC car lighter power adapter EDC-49 117VAC wall charger EDC-45 117VAC quick charger EME-04 Earphone Mic EME-12 Headset with VOX Mic (Earpad Type) EME-13 Headset with VOX Mic (Earphone Type) EME-15 Tie-Pin VOX Mic and Earphone EMS-9Z Speaker Mic ESC-18 Softcase for use with EBP-26N ESC-19 Softcase for use with EBP-28N EJ-14U 50 channel memory unit EJ-15U 200 channel memory unit EBC-06 Mobile Bracket

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